Our Mission 

Family House Academy takes its name from the belief that when students, parents and community members come together around a single vision it truly creates a family. We believe that, just like a family, every member has something to offer the group and when we work cohesively to provide students with equal learning opportunities we can create a powerful force for change in our community.


Character Development

At Family House Academy character development is a crucial facet of every child’s education. Resilience, accountability, and service-learning are cornerstones of our approach to empowering students. The staff utilizes the research of Dr. Daniel Goleman and Dr. Angela Duckworth to emphasize the relationship between emotional intelligence, grit and success. When a student begins to understand the value of facing their challenges with grit and determination they surprise themselves with their own capacities. Family House students recognize that accountability means taking responsibility, self-evaluating, and being an active participant in their learning process.


Family House Academy is a community comprised of a diverse array of beliefs, ethnic backgrounds and learning styles. Family House students are taught that unique backgrounds allow for rich cooperative learning experiences both in the classroom and abroad. 


Physical Education

Physical fitness and mental fitness go hand-in-hand so it is important for all students to recognize the power of movement. This means that students have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of physical fitness programs including boxing, crossfit, archery, and swimming.

Within the classroom, movement is incorporated to help enhance the learning experience. Intermittent movement breaks and kinesthetic learning are common elements of the classroom experience.

Community Service

From its outset, Family House Academy has implemented a service-learning model of education to teach students the importance of being proactive citizens in their local and global communities. Every month, Family House dedicates its services and resources to a different project to benefit the community. When students perform service-learning tasks and witness the way their work impacts another person, they become agents of change. During the development stage, sustainability and reciprocity are our focus. In the past, our community service projects have included Little Free Libraries, AED/CPR donations and training, donating school supplies to Syrian refugees and making gift-filled Christmas stockings.


The academic success of each of our students is of paramount importance. When students graduate Family House Academy, our holistic and intensive curriculum prepares them for the rigors of high school. While our curriculum adheres to the Washington State Standards, we understand that students come with a variety of learning needs and our daily schedules are set up to accommodate this spectrum of skillsets. Students frequently work outside their “traditional” grade level and are evaluated on an independent basis. The Family House staff subscribes to the Multiple Intelligences Model developed by Dr. Howard Gardner and utilizes trusting relationships and the 12:1 student-teacher ratio to optimize every student’s academic experience.