Our History

Family House Academy was founded in 1999 out of a necessity to provide students in southwest Washington with a learning model that allowed them to be pushed to succeed regardless of their age, skillset, or individualized learning need. After spending a decade as a classroom teacher and Special Education director, founder Lisa Mustion sought to create a learning environment where students can work side-by-side to foster their own gifts and take their education into their own hands. By combining studies in anchor subjects like language arts and mathematics with service-learning and character development, students come to understand that learning is a holistic experience accessible to all types of learners. The small, fully-integrated class sizes create cooperative learning environments where students develop an appreciation for differences in cultures, learning styles, ages and interest. Furthermore, the 12:1 student to teacher ratio optimizes classroom instruction by creating trusting relationships between faculty and students and promotes individualized accomadation for each student.

At Family House, students will be imparted with a responsibility to serve and improve their community. At its outset, director Lisa Mustion, understood the importance of teaching students to recognize their role in being proactive citizens. When students graduate from Family House Academy they will have a vision for how they can utilize their unique skills and passions to change the world.